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Babylon 5 is definitely the best science fiction series ever seen on television in the USA or Britain: I followed it from the beginning (and now I've bought the lot on DVD!), and it has the feel of classic science fiction, with an impressively long story line: exciting, dark, and with some stunning computer-generated graphics. The site provides a wide range of information about the series

My colleague Richard Fitzpatrick has a generously illustrated web site about George Studdy, the creator of the cartoon dog 'Bonzo', who was very popular in the 1920s.

Robert A.Zeichner's site demonstrates his fine-art photographs, including America Civil War re-enactments

Interique (Automated Music Show) - Annual antique shows for talking machines, music boxes, 78rpm and cylinder records, and everything mechanically musical. Free classifieds, newsletter archives, online show, and many items for sale.